Jul 18, 2014

Our New Home

Here is a photo of our new home being built.  Bill is posing in front. :-)

This is before, and how it would look finished.

Update - peace lilies

The lilies are really doing well!  Here is a photo of 7 blossoms in full bloom.
I think it is a lucky sign that things will go my way this month!

Jul 4, 2014

Lucky 7 Peace Lilies

My peace lily plant produced the most white lilies that I have ever seen.  It is fully Blooming now. I somehow feel it is a lucky sign with 7 blossoms.  Maybe it is a portend of good things to come? Including a new job? Maybe?

Anyway, it's a far cry from before, when it looked like it was dying.  When I first brought it home from my Mom's place in 2011, I took it outside on the balcony, and it withered in direct sun.  All leaves were limp like wet kleenex.  I cut off all the leaves to their stalk, and then all these new leaves grew from regenerated stalks!  The 2nd photo is a close up of the smallest 7th blossom. I will later add a link to their previous unhealthy state photo.