Aug 10, 2014

Doggie birthday card, Pacific Point blue

This is a variation of a doggie birthday card using stamps from Stampin' Up! Animal Talk.  It's quick and easy to make.  Pacific Point blue is the anchor color and is used in blue dot and corner polka dot paper.  Other colors are Bashful Blue, Tempting Turquoise, Kiwi, and Pumpkin.  Finger daubers were used to create colorful dots.  Dog is colored using yellow and mustard markers.  VersaFine black is used to stamp the dog to avoid smudging.

Jul 18, 2014

Our New Home

Here is a photo of our new home being built.  Bill is posing in front. :-)

This is before, and how it would look finished.

Update - peace lilies

The lilies are really doing well!  Here is a photo of 7 blossoms in full bloom.
I think it is a lucky sign that things will go my way this month!

Jul 4, 2014

Lucky 7 Peace Lilies

My peace lily plant produced the most white lilies that I have ever seen.  It is fully Blooming now. I somehow feel it is a lucky sign with 7 blossoms.  Maybe it is a portend of good things to come? Including a new job? Maybe?

Anyway, it's a far cry from before, when it looked like it was dying.  When I first brought it home from my Mom's place in 2011, I took it outside on the balcony, and it withered in direct sun.  All leaves were limp like wet kleenex.  I cut off all the leaves to their stalk, and then all these new leaves grew from regenerated stalks!  The 2nd photo is a close up of the smallest 7th blossom. I will later add a link to their previous unhealthy state photo.

Mar 27, 2014

Christmas tissue pouch.

I made these tissue pouches as gifts to family and friends last Christmas.  I am just posting photos now. I used 2 fat quarters (18"x22") of cream and turquoise Christmas holly fabric.  I had enough for 6 pouches and left over scraps for 1 small pot-holder.  Cost $2.00/6 = about 33 cents each.

I purchased the fabric a long time ago, so I no longer know the manufacturer.  Maybe it was Hoffman Fabrics?  I will add dimensions and instructions once I get around to it.  Finished size is 3.25" x 5".

Jan 5, 2014

My cardstock inventory

Hello Friends,

Here is a photo of my cardstock inventory.  I use MoMa designed letter-sized paper sorter from The Container Store (Organizers Sale, 25% off).  Being able to see all the colors I have at once is very nice.  It saves time pulling out the right colors, and also helps me use what I already have instead of buying more.  I organize by rainbow theme - red/pink, orange, yellow, green, teal/turquoise, blue, purple, and neutrals. My 12"x12" cardstock and designer decorative papers are to the right.  My current stash is a little over 2000 sheets.  My goal is to reduce this to 1000 sheets in 5 years, excluding white/cream cardstock.  When I see hot new colors from Stampin' Up, it's hard to resist buying them.  I wish Stampin' Up sold individual colors in 12 sheets per pack instead of 24.  With 12 sheets, I can make 24 to 48 cards, and is a good amount to use up in one year.

The letter sorter uses 2 packs of extra dividers.  Cost $52.5 on sale, $70 full price.
1 inch thickness is equivalent to 85 sheets of cardstock.