Jan 5, 2014

My cardstock inventory

Hello Friends,

Here is a photo of my cardstock inventory.  I use MoMa designed letter-sized paper sorter from The Container Store (Organizers Sale, 25% off).  Being able to see all the colors I have at once is very nice.  It saves time pulling out the right colors, and also helps me use what I already have instead of buying more.  I organize by rainbow theme - red/pink, orange, yellow, green, teal/turquoise, blue, purple, and neutrals. My 12"x12" cardstock and designer decorative papers are to the right.  My current stash is a little over 2000 sheets.  My goal is to reduce this to 1000 sheets in 5 years, excluding white/cream cardstock.  When I see hot new colors from Stampin' Up, it's hard to resist buying them.  I wish Stampin' Up sold individual colors in 12 sheets per pack instead of 24.  With 12 sheets, I can make 24 to 48 cards, and is a good amount to use up in one year.

The letter sorter uses 2 packs of extra dividers.  Cost $52.5 on sale, $70 full price.
1 inch thickness is equivalent to 85 sheets of cardstock.

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