Jun 26, 2013

My Python game class

Hello friends!
I am so happy to have finished the Introduction to Python class.  I feel like I learned quite a bit.  I got a certificate with distinction with a grade of 95%.  I highly recommend this class if you know anyone who wants to learn Python programming, especially for making games.  See www.Coursera.org for more info.  https://class.coursera.org/interactivepython-002/class/index

I edited and cleaned up the code for the final project, an asteroid game.  I post a link here for you to play.  It plays inside the Chrome browser.  Try open-with and Chrome.
Only works on a full-computer, no iPad or iPhones. :-(

[Sorry, had to take the link down.  I am retaking this class to get the Foundations of Computer Science Signature Track from Coursera.org.  The final project is due this week 5/24/2014.]  If you still want to play this game, email me and I will send you a new link after the class deadline.

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