Mar 19, 2017

Cute Pot-holders!

I just made these two pot-holders and had to post them.  They're so cute!

Pink Pot-Holders, 6 3/4" square and 7 3/8" square.
They are made from 2 fat-quarter cotton fabrics, 9"x 18" (1/8 yard) of aluminized ironing cover fabric, 10" x 45" (1/6th of crib-size) cotton batting, and about 5.5 yards of thread.  Supply cost was about $6.25. Sewing time was about 6 hours.  I could have sewed them a lot faster, but I was meticulous about my stitches.  I also hand stitched one-side closed after turning right-side out, which took some time.

front - pot-holders
back - pot-holders
layered - pot-holders
Top is made from 2 triangles cut from one square.  Layer 2 square pink fabrics right-sides together with 1 square batting to make a sandwich.  Cut in half to make 2 triangles.  Sew on the diagonals.  Flip the triangle right-side out, then sew a top stitch on the diagonal 1/4" from the edge.  For the bottom, place 1 ironing fabric face-down, 2 layers of batting on top of that, and 1 pink fabric face-up. Quilt together in a large block pattern, so it will be easy to manipulate. Make a loop from a 7"x 2" piece of fabric.  

Assemble the "bag".  Lay the quilted piece on the bottom, pink fabric face-up, lay 2 triangles on top with a gap between them, pin the loop to one corner with loop pointing inside, then lay on top a 2nd pink fabric face-down.  Sew along the four edges to make a "bag", leaving a 4" space in one edge for turning.  I cut all squares to 9"x 9", and sewed inside to about 7.5"x 7.5" square.  Remove bulk by cutting batting close to stitching lines, about 1/4" or less.  Turn right-side out.  Push in corners well. Mark sewing lines for the unfinished 4" edge.  Hand stitch closed along marked lines.  Iron well. Hope this will inspire you to make some for yourself!  They will also make good gifts. :-)
Reference:  Lorine Mason Designs, Learn Easy Sewing Skills: Simple Steps for 11 Sunny Projects, copyright 2014 Annie's.

---  Cheers!  Jennifer  --- 

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