Oct 8, 2011

Returning to Blogspot.com for my Budget Crafter blog


I have decided to return to using Blogspot.com for my crafting blog.  I had used VOX.com but they closed the business.  My crafting blog was temporarily located at typepad.com, but I did not see an easy way to list older blogs on the side column.  Since Google bought Blogspot, I am hoping there were some improvements in user interface.  Also, Annette Wen, my crafting teacher from California uses it!  I decided to formally change the blog's title to "Budget Crafter."  I am planning to post a series of 10 class videos for newbie card makers.  I will also sell kits for newbie card makers so they can start learning this incredibly empowering and creative hobby of handmade cards with as small a budget as possible.
Happy Crafting!   from Jennifer Yoon

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